I’ve been getting asked, how come you haven't been shooting any videos lately?

Everything is good with us!   It has been a few months of updating our financial planning processes and growing our team which is super exciting!  We have never had more interest in the work that we do and we are totally humbled and grateful for all of the people throughout Canada that have reached out to learn about our firm.

Throughout the last few weeks of these interactions we have witnessed 3 of the Biggest Financial Realizations from new prospective clients:

First and foremost, we are experiencing that most Canadians simply do not have a true investment plan...  
Investors, unfortunately, witnessed, that with the markets decreasing dramatically this year, they were significantly exposed financially.   This was caused by improper diversification and led to lost opportunities throughout this Covid pandemic.

I would say nearly almost every prospective client we talked to had the following conversation with their financial advisor or institution...."We simply need to be patient and wait it out."   "Waiting it out" is not a plan.  An investor simply can not sell low to buy low you.  There are zero benefits.  When the markets dropped, if you did not have an asset class that was non-correlated and went up in value as equities retreated in value, you simply did not have a truly diversified portfolio.  

Secondly, Cash is King...
This is moving away from being called an emergency fund and more towards the need for available cash resources.  People have more than ever, now realized that anything can happen.  Anyone can lose a job and/or take a huge economic hit at any point in time, often out of their own control.  Many Canadians, more than ever, have stepped up to ensure they have extra cash available.  

Lastly, we are witnessing massive regret from people for not being fully prepared for this recent market opportunity...  
Obviously, you cannot control the timing of such opportunities and when they come about.  Many new clients have come to us with regret for not being fully prepared for this kind of market opportunity.  They now have a written plan and are better equipped and prepared for when the next available opportunity arises.