Choosing a wealth manager is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make.

After all, this person will either help you realize your financial potential—or not.


You are probably looking at several wealth managers at the moment. Perhaps you read a positive review of someone online, or maybe a friend recommended one to you…

The problem with financial advisors today is…

…every advisor sounds the same.


Let us guess what their promise was to you:

“… we’ll match your investments to your specific needs, really listen, and we’ll meet with you at least twice per year to review your portfolio and your strategy… let’s mark up our calendars…”

They’ll probably also tell you about:

How big their firm is, how many billions in assets they manage, their general reputation, experience, and their great knowledge of financial instruments…

…the question is:




How do they go about actually delivering what they promise?



Well, they don’t.


You see, planning your financial future is no easy task. In fact, planning is hardly about just putting together a portfolio and reviewing it twice a year.

nowadays, any robot can do that.

The reality is:


Investing is only part of planning your financial future.


(There’s much more to it.)


But that’s not what the financial services industry as a whole wants us to believe.


We’ve been led to believe that… “how to put together a portfolio that matches your investment objectives…”  is what we should expect from a financial advisor. And furthermore, that if we do the “investing thing,” we are effectively planning for our futures…


…and it simply isn’t true.


True, valuable advice takes much more into consideration than just your investments.

Here’s something that may surprise you:  

From all of the assets managed by investment firms,


95% don’t

even match the index!


So it begs the questions:

What are you paying an advisor for?

And what exactly are you getting advice about?


Where is the advice?!


We bet your advisor is not “advising” you about:

  • Structuring your debts & mortgages properly

  • Planning your family cash flow

  • How to plan for and minimize your tax exposure

  • Dealing with risk and insurance

  • The legal stuff—such as setting up a proper will, and all the legalities around it?

  • How all of this impacts your business (if you have one), and what matters for the future of your business

  • The best way to use any extra funds—invest, improve lifestyle quality, or reduce tax


They are probably just taking care of the aforementioned portfolio management.


And remember…


Only 4% of investment managers beat the index over a 10 year period.  And even less over a 15 to 20 year period!!!


…”So by aligning your investments to “be the market” rather than trying “beat the market” you are ensuring that you Never Overpay for Underperformance.”  – Todd McLay

Most importantly, just answer one question:


Are you sure that your financial decisions are taking you as far as they can?


How are you prioritizing where your money goes within your financial plan?


How do you make sure that you’re taking full advantage of everything within the tax law, as well as the legal and financial knowledge arsenal to benefit you (and not only your portfolio)?


Or, are you winging it?


and if so, when you think about what’s at stake,


is it really worth the risk?

Taking control NOW can be the difference between:

Your children’s education paid for

All your debts paid off

Being able to travel

Leaving a decent inheritance for your children

Running out of money


We’ve built our firm on the idea that taking control of your finances is the ultimate form of self respect.

At Precedence Wealth, we believe it is personal.


Because even if you have access to all the fancy systems to do investment planning and the expert knowledge to determine the precise weight of the assets in your portfolio…


…if we forget that there are actually families’ futures behind these portfolios and recommendations, then it’s not just our approach that has failed;


so have we.

Find out how our comprehensive approach to wealth management can help you make every money decision count.

Most approaches to financial planning are broken.

That’s why you’re probably making—or keeping—less money than you should.

In our 10+ years of advising clients in all kinds of situations, we have learned that…


1) Personal finances are like buckets with holes, leaking money.


2) 95% of professionally managed portfolios don’t even match the overall market index!


3) Even when asset portfolios are beating the markets, there may be a lot of leaks in personal finances (like taxes, hidden fees or insurance.)


4) The single most important factor of taking control of your finances successfully is know-how.


If you and your financial advisor are mostly focused on managing asset portfolios, you are leaving money on the table. Maybe lots of it.

Taking control NOW can be the difference between:

Your children’s education paid for

All your debts paid off

Being able to travel

Leaving a decent inheritance for your children

Running out of money


Keep More® of your money by making every dollar count.

Our holistic approach to wealth management means our clients leave no stone unturned.

Work with people who take the time to listen

We start by asking the questions that will help us understand your financial situation in its entirety—questions about family, homeownership, insurance, taxes, business planning and more.

Get a comprehensive Life Control Plan®

Once we have a 360° view of your finances, we can identify where the holes are, and lay out a plan that addresses every possible aspect of your financial life.

Keep More® of your money

We identify your financial leaks—which most people don’t even know about—and we plug the holes, so you get to keep more of your money (and preserve your lifestyle).

Take taxes as an example…

The TOP expense people have…not surprisingly are taxes.


Compare balances at the end of a 21-year period:

Tax-Free Scenario: $964,629 / Taxed Scenario: $314,306

Find out how our comprehensive approach to wealth management can help you make every money decision count.

“Precedence Wealth removed a lot of headaches from the decision-making process.”

    Aaron, Ergonomist, guitar player, snowboarder, traveller and Freedom 50 targetter.

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