Monday, April 6th marks the day that the applications opened to allow for Canadians to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.  

But there are 2 very large and significant groups of people who are being excluded from this benefit, at this time.  

When I went on to the site, good news, it did not crash and the application was not much of an application.  

I assume based on the question criteria that this is going to be an automated approval process on the Government of Canada side as they have stated that within 3 business days that the amount will be paid to hundreds of thousands of Canadians.  

Although hundreds of thousands will qualify there are two large groups of people that do not qualify at this time.  

It is very important to ensure you satisfy the criteria before applying.  

The 2 groups that will be affected are those still earning any amount of income and Students.  

We will get into a more detailed video with regard to these two groups.