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"The most powerful way to maximize the velocity of money."

The focus of the most successful and wealthiest individuals is to compound their money and earn multiple returns from a single dollar.

But, little do most Canadians realize that this superpower lies within a century-old solution that is available to everyone regardless of current stature or position of wealth.

By implementing properly constructed Infinite Banking Strategy, Canadians have the potential to unlock the power of the velocity of money for themselves.

Whether you wish to enhance the return on your emergency savings, maximize your children's college education, boost your retirement savings, or simply take back control of your financing and borrowing needs, an infinite banking strategy should be one of the core pillars to build wealth.

There are not many investments that are guaranteed to NEVER reduce in value.

What if you knew of an asset class that would never provide a negative return, compounded on a tax-deferred basis, was protected from creditors and would pay out 100% tax-free to your family upon death...

Just how much of this investment would you seek to own? 

It's time to un-lock the power of becoming your own bank. 

The infinite banking strategy takes back the power, control, and earning potential from your bank and lending institution and puts it back into your hands!

Become your own banker!

This could likely be the very best strategy we've seen for individuals that want to maximize the potential growth of their assets.

"Even if you pay cash for everything you buy, you are still unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring away a small fortune."


1.   How does the cash value grow within this strategy?

Owners of participating whole life insurance policies are eligible to receive dividend payments, which you can use to buy additional coverage or use it to reduce your annual premium. You can also leave them on deposit to earn interest or take them in cash.

The Infinite Banking Strategy focuses on utilizing the dividends paid to buy additional paid-up coverage, which in turn increases the cash value within the policy and also has the potential to provide even higher dividend payments in the future.

Participating Whole Life Insurance contracts provide very specific guarantees to its policyholders.  This involves the assurance that all dividends that have been received within the contract immediate vest and are guaranteed to never lose value or taken away.  This is why these contracts are one of the most powerful options for individuals seeking risk-free compounding growth.  

2.   Why not just buy term and invest the difference?

Probably the most important question we hear.  Because of the unique tax advantages and guarantees within participating whole life policies, these contracts prove to be a perfect way to build up long term savings.  

These policies are not in any way suggested replacing other investments or assets within a portfolio.  However, the power of the Infinite Banking Strategy is that it can be used to magnify the purchasing power of these assets and therefore should not be viewed as competition.

5.   What are the risks involved in the Infinite Banking Strategy?

Because of its unique structure, contract guarantees, and long term approach, participating whole life insurance may be the most secure asset class available today.  Although the number of dividends is not guaranteed, it is well documented that the largest insurance companies throughout Canada have never missed a single dividend payment in their entire history.  

The true risk lies in the suitability of entering into this strategy.  As with almost every investment or asset, careful investigation and due diligence must be taken to ensure that the strategy is right for your specific situation.

6.   Am I locked into this strategy once it is started?

No. You can make adjustments at any point to your Infinite Banking Strategy.   We certainly do not recommend making adjustments within the early stages of setting up your policy, however, under emergency situations, there would still be flexibility within these contracts.  That is why it is crucial to engage a qualified financial and tax professional such as a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) when considering this strategy to ensure your contract is set up properly.

This strategy can be cancelled at any time without any additional fees or penalties.

8.   How do I qualify?

Like with all insurance contracts there is an underwriting component.  The insurance companies assess the health risk involved before offering coverage. However, because the Infinite Banking Strategy is most often created in order to take advantage of the cash value component of the policy, we often set the coverage to pay out on a joint-last-to-die basis.  This helps reduce the overall insurance cost within the contract and often makes it easier to qualify.  This is because the risk is spread between the two lives insured and is only payable upon the second death, hence reducing the risk to the insurer.

9.    Do you not have to be younger to benefit from this type of strategy?

No.  The Infinite Banking Strategy is not dependent upon age.  However, the maximum age that one can enter into a participating whole life policy is 85 years of age.

The death benefit will certainly be much higher for individuals starting this strategy at a younger age, but the cash value component will grow in the same manner regardless of your age.  When structured properly the cash value is a separate component to the underlying cost of insurance within these contracts.

Therefore, if you are healthy enough to qualify for coverage this strategy can be suitable for all Canadians right up to the age of 85.

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