"Not having a clear, concise written financial plan is like
travelling across a foreign country without a map."
Deanna McLay, CFP

Discovery Process

It all begins with active listening. We'll ask vital questions to gain a complete understanding every detail of your current and desired lifestyle.  We'll dig deep into the emotions and feelings you have around money so that we can propertly align our recommendations with your highest values.  We'll outline all the required documentation and information we will require from you. Once we have the details we will conduct our comprehensive analysis.


Cash Flow Analysis

Understanding where your money goes is the first step in ensuring proper use of your resources.  Our objective is to properly align your spending and savings with your true values.   A clear picture of how your resources are allocated today provides us with a clear understanding of the possible ineffciencies that may exist.   It's not necessarily about budgets or saving more, but often about slight adjustments in order to maximize both your wealth creation and tax minimization.


Wealth Creation

The team at Precedence Capital and Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc. will develop a clear and concise investment strategy that is required to hit your goals.  Once again, it begins with education.  A thorough discussion of exactly what you own and why you own it is conducted.  Because fees matter significantly, we will clearly outline the total cost of your investment management.  Most importantly we will illustrate how your nest egg is best protected from future volatile markets.

Financing & Debt Management

We'll conduct a comprehensive review of all of your debts and liabilities and ensure they are set up as optimally as possible.  We then indentify every opportunity, including ensuring as much of the interest you pay is tax deductible, thereby reducing your borrowing costs.  Our private banking relationships and partnerships ensure that banks and institutions are working hard for your business, not the other way around.


Risk & Insurance

We'll complete a thorough review of all the apparent risks currently inside your finanical plan and advise on the most appropriate methods to cover those vulnerabilities. Again, education is paramount so that you can be as confident as possible in the protection you choose.  

Wills & Estate Planning

It's important to enjoy life to the fullest today.  But it also is vital to plan for your legacy you wish to leave behind. During this part of the process, we review all important legal documents to ensure they concisely meet the needs of your family and last wishes.  Estate planning is an integral part of your financial plan so that we can maximize the amount that passes on to your beneficiaries or philatrophic passions.


Tax Advisory & 

Tax is the absolute highest expense we face as Canadians.  We emphasize a proactive approach to tax planning. Accounting is not the same as proper tax planning. You will obtain a comprehensive written tax plan that clearly outlines the exact strategies and actions that are required to minimize your income tax liability. 


Corporate & Business Advisory

Many of our clients view us as their unofficial personal CFO.  We assist in thoroughly analyzing the structure of all of your business interests.  We'll create a clear picture that maximizes cash flow from operations, and enhances tax effecient income at the highest possible level.  For more established busiensses, we also focus on ensuring there is proper succession planning in place.  Lastly, we educate our clients on the opportunities to grow their assets on a tax deferred basis despite the recent changes to passive income rules.


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