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"Accounting is NOT the same as Tax Planning."
- Todd Bergstresser, CPA

Where is the advice?

When is the last time your tax professional actually made a recommendation to better your financial situation . . . not just file your taxes?

Tangible tax advantages are not achieved simply by filing a return. They involve thorough and precise discussions, as well as upfront, proactive planning.  Merely making suggestions once the year-end has already passed is what we call "reactive planning," and that provides ZERO value to you.

We see tax and accounting quite differently.

When you engage Precedence for accounting and tax advice, you will receive a comprehensive written tax plan.

It will include a detailed overview of ALL available tax credits and possible tax benefits that are to be maximized. After all, income tax is by far the highest expense Canadians face today. It needs to receive far more of our attention.

We believe in true transparency around fees.

We bet you have no idea how or what you will be paying your accountant this year.  This is like not knowing the price of a car or the lunch you bought today.   It is completely unacceptable, yet far too common.  Our clients know exactly what they pay us for the tax work we will do on their behalf before we start. And, should that number be required to change, our clients are the first to know about it.

No surprises. Ever.

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Let's design your own fully integrated tax plan.