Pre-Retirees Rethinking Your Goals

Many people are living a different lifestyle during COVID19.  

The last several retirement plans I completed all said to me ``I feel like I’m living like I’m retired now.  I feel like I need less and I`m enjoying life more``Pre-retirees are rethinking the amount of retirement income needs that they are striving for.

I always recommend to people approaching retirement, that they begin to live like they are retired to see what it is like and get a sense of how much money they really need.  As much as people try this activity, there is a variable of still living their normal life.

COVID19 has forced people to see what it is like to do less, spend less and test how that looks and feels.  

Pre-Retirees are realizing that they need less later and that leads to them needing to sacrifice less today for tomorrow.