We asked you what you are learning and how you are growing personally and from a business point of view through COVID 19. These are the comments we got back. Please keep sharing! 

  1. Adobe Sign and DocuSign – no need to mail or have a client visit the office.
  2. Direct deposit of cheques through photo and bank app as opposed to going to the office.
  3. Anything can be delivered – saves me time and I`m employing more people. I am surprised at how many businesses have free delivery.
  4. By leaning on my staff I have realized that I am overstaffed and people must have just been working slower as they were given the time. Instead of needing full-time people for books and operation items, I am needing about half as much time. 
  5. Vehicle registration can be done online, no need to drive anywhere to do this.
  6. Web meetings have increased my business efficiency tenfold. I now realize I can do business across Canada.
  7. I can work from anywhere. No need to be in my office day after day. I can see more, do more and probably be more efficient.
  8. We started a budget again realized how much money we waste and how much stuff we buy that we don't need.
  9. We have more money in our bank account than ever before meanwhile not missing anything that I was doing before. I feel way more relaxed and happy.
  10. Cancel mail and obtain what I need online.
  11. No printer needed for my business yet.
  12. We need to rethink education and a school day/week should look like. Students need less structured school time, smaller teacher to student ratio so learning happens more quickly. Kids are now getting work done in much less time. Do the essentials. Can this be redesigned for our kids? Having a class of 25 – 30 students is very difficult for the teacher and hands-on learning is more efficient. This is coming from a teacher and a mom.
  13. I can apply, get issued and have an insurance policy in the hands of the consumer within days. In the past, this was 2 to 3 months.
  14. Our family has decided on fewer sports. We do not need to be so busy l and value spending more quality family time.
  15. I am spending more time with friends and family vertically because I now know I cannot see them.