Claiming Your Home Office During COVID-19

We have had lots of Social Media questions around the topic of claiming home office deductions during COVID19, so let's take a closer look.

As long as all the criteria are met, you may claim your home office.  

As an employee (not self-employed) you can claim expenses for electricity, heating and maintenance, if you meet one of the two criteria and a T2200 is signed.  

One, if you use the space to earn your income and use it on a regular and continuous basis for meeting clients.  Most likely no one is inviting clients into their right now.

Or the second criteria is that you spend at least 50% of your time working from this home office.  Although you are likely working 100% of the time at home right now, it has not been 50% of the calendar year.

At the present time there is no comment or ruling from CRA with regards to making an exception or change to the rule because of COVID19.

Possibly they will allow a prorated monthly claimable amount for 2020 if everyone is no longer working from home prior to the 50% criteria being met.

But for now, keep your expenses and make a decision next tax filing season.