Investing The New Way

by Todd McLay

November 25, 2022

From the investment team at Precedence Capital - Harbourfront Wealth Management.

When most of us think of investing, we think of the stock market – investing in publicly traded equities. While most retail investors compete for the same, limited number of public companies listed on global exchanges, tens of millions of private businesses exist worldwide, many of which also seek to raise capital by issuing equity or borrowing from investors.

Investing in private companies is not new, but for the most part, has only been accessible by institutional investors such as pension and endowment funds, charitable foundations and the ultra-high-net-worth.

Until now. Precedence Capital has exclusive access to retail friendly private businesses including private equity, private debt and private real estate. This means regardless of your investor accreditation status, you can access private securities through Precedence Capital.

Private securities generally provide portfolio stability and reduce the volatility in equity and fixed income markets. Faced with historically low interest rates, bonds no longer do their job so the old 60/40 ‘balanced’ portfolio approach, no longer works.

How Is Our Business Structured?

  • Every fiduciary portfolio manager or advisor in Canada must be licensed through an investment dealer through IIROC.
  • Even though Precedence Capital is our team, brand and who provides the investment advice, we must run our business through an investment dealer.
  • The reason that Harbourfront was so important to us is that it’s completely independent.
  • All your assets sit at one of the largest financial institutions in Canada – National Bank
  • It’s like having the security of the bank, but you don’t have any of the proprietary pressures or sales conflicts.
  • Harbourfront takes care of all the transactions, and this is where your statements come from, but Precedence Capital acts as your portfolio manager.
  • National Bank is the custodian that Harbourfront uses to hold the assets.

The asset classes/companies featured in this article are for illustration purpose only, this should not be viewed as a solicitation of buy or sell. Always talk to a professional before investing to know if the product is right for you. Past performance does not necessarily predict future results, each asset class has its own risks.

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