I had some girl Time with my little sister Lynn.

We often talk about what she wants to do when her parents pass away.

It probably seems like a weird topic but I know it's a concern of hers so we talk about it a lot.

Almost every time we see each other, she asks me about it.  When she is not annoyed with my busy schedule or lack of attention on her, she wants to come live with me and sometimes when she's had enough of me or her nieces and nephew she'll threaten me by saying she's going to live with her back up mom or her godparents.

It`s a running joke in my family.

We tease a lot about it but it`s not a reality right now.  

But what happens when it does become a reality? Getting legal documents in place for an adult dependant is important for two reasons:

(1)  Having the discussion and making sure that all parties know what each other would like to happen.

(2) And it`s so important to have the legal document in place before you need it.  

If my parents were to pass away without noting legal guardianship, I could have some challenges ahead,  from having to get this document done through the courts and probably having a heated discussion with her.  😊