Our 5th point of the series of the 5 Key Items you should have received from your Accountant after your tax filing.

You probably hire an accountant because you are not one.  

And it is probably fair to say that you may not be 100% sure how to submit the information because you are not an accountant.  

But if your info comes in wrong or messy your bill goes up!  

It's important for you to know how to submit the documents to ensure the information is understood correctly as well so that it is efficient so your bill is not increased.

If we charge you bookkeeping this year, our goal is to not have that bookkeeping bill the following year.

We will teach you how to better prepare the info using our templates.  

I feel that if your bill is increased two years in a row we have done a bad job!  

If your info is not close to perfect you should be getting advice on how to make it better.