Precedence New Tax Filing Initiative

Over 71% of our tax files are received between April 1 – 15 due to the fact that all slips are not received until then.  This places an extremely heavy workload to be completed within a very short time period.

Tax filing season preparation can start now!

This year we would like to get started on the areas of your tax return that can begin preparation now. The ironic part is these are the areas that many people prepare in a hurry and cause the most ‘tax stress’.  This causes much back and forth with missing information and a lack of details and clarity.  This then causes delays in file turnaround and can lead to late filing, interest and penalties.  

We are taking the initiative to make your filing experience less stressful and more efficient.  We are beginning preparation of your tax filing in the following areas:

• Rental Properties

• Home office

• Motor Vehicle

• Business Expenses

• Medical Expenses

• Mortgage Strategy

In April when the balance of the information is received, file turnaround will be smooth and efficient.