How to Transfer your Pension and RRSP assets to your TFSA

…. and Enjoy a TAX FREE Retirement

Presented by:

Precedence Private Wealth 

Financial Building

Suite 300 – 230 22nd Street East,  Saskatoon, SK.

12:15 pm – 1:00 pm – June 12th, 2019

At this seminar you will learn how to tax efficiently move your registered assets from your Pension, RRSP, Spousal RRSP,  LIRA, to your Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).

  This “tax neutral” transfer of wealth ensures that you reduce the highest expense you have in retirement……Income Tax

Once transferred to your TFSA you are one step closer to a

Tax-Free retirement!!!!

Recall that even a $500,000 RRSP compounding at 7% annually will grow to over $1,934,000 in 20 years….

However….  it will also create a future tax liability of over   

$950,000 !!!!!

You will learn the 3 simple rules that allow Canadians to accomplish

this seemingly improbable strategy.

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Hosted by…

Mike McKague