How to create a Tax Deductible Mortgage and

pay off your mortgage up to 50% faster!!!

Presented by:

Precedence Private Wealth

Financial Building

Suite 300 – 230 22nd Street East

Saskatoon, SK.

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm – June 20th, 2019




At this seminar you will learn how to create a fully tax deductible mortgage.  By doing so you will receive tax refunds from your regular mortgage payments and use them to become mortgage free much sooner!!!

By far, the highest expenses Canadians face today are:

Income Tax & Mortgage Interest


By becoming mortgage free much sooner you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and mortgage payments 

By implementing a Tax Deductible Mortgage Strategy you are able to pay off your mortgage much faster and build much more wealth.

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Hosted by…

Todd McLay