Wealth Creation Roadmap


The team at Precedence Capital & Gravitas Securities Inc. will develop a clear roadmap of how to reach your financial goals with absolute certainty.


Think travelling with a map vs. without one.

Identify investment solutions

First, the team at Precedence Capital will identify which investment solutions and tax-saving initiatives will get you to your goals faster.

Evaluate your current investments

Precedence Capital will then Identify pros and cons of your current investment initiatives, describing fees, risks, and tax inefficiencies.

Your Investment Policy Statement

Each one of your accounts has its own Investment Policy Statement with Precedence Capital & Gravitas Securities Inc.

Details about your Wealth Creation Roadmap


Becoming a smart investor involves many factors

  • Investment objectives
  • Selecting investments to meet those objectives
  • Managing risk and volatility
  • Understanding the extent to which fees may hinder your objectives


Tax efficiencies (which add up very, very quickly) Sure, all that comes into play. However, the most successful investors all have one thing in common:


They have a clearly stated set of rules of do’s and don’ts when investing. They seize opportunities, yes, but most importantly, they stick to the plan.

So this step in our process is about creating a document that will state what investment discipline means for you.


Translating your financial goals into an investment policy

In previous steps, we identified the exact amount of financial resources you will require to reach your own personal financial independence. The Wealth Creation Roadmap will provide you a clear path to reach those goals.


Precedence Capital – Gravitas Securities will walk you through these 4 steps:

  1. Evaluate your current investments and lay out in great detail the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them as it pertains to your financial goals and objectives. We fully describe the current fees, volatility and risks, as well as any tax inefficiencies that may be present within your current portfolio.
  2. Outline an inventory of possible investment solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.
  3. Your very own Investment Policy Statement. Think of this as the North Star that will guide each one of your investments now and in the future. Your Investment Policy Statement provided to you as a client with Precedence Capital & Portfolio Strategies will specify the following for each one of your investments:     
    • Investment knowledge & past experience
    • Time horizon
    • Investment & return objective (growth, balanced, conservative, etc.)
    • Liquidity and cash requirements
    • Risk management and hedging strategies to manage volatility
    • Disclosure of management fees, as well as all other associated administrative and trading costs
  1. Discuss other assets not managed by Precedence Capital & Portfolio Strategies. This process also includes a discussion around the assets you have, such as employee pensions as well as real estate and business assets. This is important as our objectives need to consider your entire financial picture so that we can best advise you.

The Wealth Creation Roadmap is about getting smarter about investments.