Tax Planning


What is every Canadian’s TOP expense? Taxes. At Precedence we know that this is black or white; you have either optimized your current tax situation or you haven’t..

Use the law to your advantage

Tax laws have been written to help people like you. Have an expert by your side and take advantage of all possible opportunities.

Your written tax plan

By knowing all the specifics of your situation, we can create a tax plan that minimizes the tax you have to pay.

Proactive vs. reactive planning

Plan in advance so you can realize tangible benefits, as opposed to doing forensic analyses.

More about Tax Planning


There are two things certain in life:


Death and taxes.


Sure, but why not a later death and paying less in taxes?


You can influence them by doing things like: taking care of your health,


and in the case of taxes, having someone by your side who can navigate through the complexity of tax laws and use every possibility to your advantage.

Your very own Written Tax Plan

When you work with us, we prepare a Comprehensive Written Tax Plan for you. We realize this is not common. However, the mandate at our firm is to always ensure our clients have a clear path to maximizing their wealth. This is not even possible unless we ensure we utilize every single tax advantage that CRA makes available to our clients as Canadian citizens.

Components of your Written Tax Plan may include:
  1. A comprehensive list of the strategies required to reduce your tax position.

  2. A thorough explanation of your current estate plan. This includes a current “estate execution” strategy and report in real time, based on your current assets and liabilities.

  3. A detailed overview of all available tax credits and benefits available to you so that we can ensure each position is maximized. And perhaps most importantly, an extensive explanation as to exactly why.

  4. Ensuring your will and final estate wishes are arranged in the most tax advantageous way possible.

  5. A complete review of all corporations, holding companies, trusts, etc. to ensure that both the current tax as well as deferred tax liabilities are not only completely understood, but also minimized.

  6. Detailed strategies that are applicable to you as a client to ensure the highest amount of cash flow can be obtained from corporations, businesses, and other investable assets now and over time.

Proactive vs. Reactive Planning

Tangible tax advantages are not achieved by simply filing a return; they involve thorough and precise discussions, as well as “upfront” proactive planning—not making suggestions and advice once the return has been filed… this is what we call “Reactive Planning.” And it short- changes you more often than not on many of the tax-reduction opportunities available to you.

We use every tax advantage available to you.

And unlike the other guys,

we put it in writing

with a Written Tax Plan.