Risk Management & Insurance Planning


Jump freely, but first, make sure your parachute opens.

The Risk-Reward Test

Test all investments and make sure you have the lowest risk ones for an equivalent reward opportunity.

Your own Insurance Plan

We’ll make sure that you are insuring the most important things before the trivial ones, and set those priorities with you.

Get all the education you need

We are committed to providing you extensive education on this matter so you can be confident with the protection you choose.

More about Risk Management & Insurance Planning


Here’s the thing: you can optimize all your portfolios, have a Wealth Creation Roadmap, and become very successful. But there is always that chance that life will throw you a curveball…


If something happens to you, what will happen to your family?


What if you or your loved ones become sick or disabled?


What changes would need to occur in your life and those of your closest family members?




What if one of your portfolios gets severely impacted in the next crisis, or if it turns out that another financial bubble bursts?


What do you do then?


How do you prevent or at least mitigate that risk?


Risk and insurance are surprisingly the most important and yet the most under-advised aspects of our clients’ financial plans when first being introduced to us.


“Rule No. 1: Never lose money…


Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1.”


-Warren Buffett

Be absolutely certain that the most important things in your life are protected.

Here’s how we help you do that:

1. Optimize your investments for the best Risk-Reward ratio

Never will an investment that provides additional or higher ”risk” be suggested in place of a similar investment with a similar return opportunity with lower “risk.”  It is simple common sense… yet almost all of the finance industry ignores this very fact.

2. Insurance as an integral part of everyone’s financial plan.  

We know you understand this well. However, we help you look into the details to prevent you from overlooking critical things such as how to properly insure  your income as well as protecting your future earning potential____.  Also we will discuss priorities, and make sure that you aren’t focusing on protecting (insuring) the trivial things in your life while the vital items are being overlooked.  

Thinking life insurance? Well, yes, it’s important. But think a wider net: your income.   

Your income is the most crucial part of your family’s financial well-being. Without it, all else fails… without compromise. So we will look at, and help you insure against, anything and everything that can hinder your income. Enough said.

3. We act as a broker when providing insurance & risk solutions to our clients.

That is, we search the entire marketplace for the best possible cost & benefits for each insurance policy we implement.  And there is no proprietary arrangement and no conflict of interest in choosing one particular carrier over any other.

4. Education.

In-depth information and proper education is required in order for our clients to make the very best decisions when setting up their insurance protection. We are completely dedicated to this learning at the highest level, because the more you are educated, the better chance you have of achieving true clarity and confidence in the protection you choose.

Take risk by the horns.

Have peace of mind.

Live your life.