Legal Documentation


Ensure your last wishes are fulfilled to your exact intentions.

Deep dive into the realities of the final days

It’s important to enjoy life and live in the moment, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to plan for the legacy you’ll leave behind.

We assist in preparing Legal Documents

These include documents that cover your last will and testaments, your power of attorneys, your health directives, and your notary public.

More about handling your Legal Documentation properly…


Remember the scene of The Godfather where he had that last chat with Mikey?


Vito Corleone to Michael:


”I never wanted this for you….


…Senator Corleone… Governor Corleone… something…


I don’t know… there wasn’t enough time, Michael… there wasn’t enough time…”

Well, with all due respect to Don Corleone, if he had made different choices, or been advised differently, perhaps there would have been enough time. It’s a matter of focus, and a matter of taking decisive control of your priorities.

It’s human nature to focus only on the immediate future, but…

So often, the legal documentation part of the financial picture for our clients is either rushed or, worst case scenario, completely overlooked. It is easy to understand, because it is in human nature to only seek out things that are of significant risk to us in the immediate future.

Digging deep into the realities of the final days.

Not an easy topic. But it must be addressed. We conduct a process that addresses everything from how you wish to live, to what you would like to see happen to important assets and sentimental possessions. This is obviously even more crucial when dependent children and spouses are involved.

A comprehensive program that assists you in preparing important legal documents.

We focus on providing the education you need, and assist you in preparing these important legal documents. We know what difficult questions to ask and we always make sure that you are aware of the realities of each of your decisions prior to finalizing these documents.

These documents include:  

  1. Last will and testaments. Most wills are drafted with very little planning and thought.  Very seldom are tax and financial professionals consulted to ensure that the very wishes that are desired are in fact possible. We make sure all the bases are covered.

  1. Power of Attorneys. This is about giving power to the people you trust the most. You are essentially designating them to make decisions for you, if you are ever unable to make decisions for yourself.

  1. Health directives. These important documents, which quite possibly cover the most overlooked aspect of planning for your final days, ensure that your wishes and decisions about your health are captured prior to when they might be needed. These documents will ensure that your wishes are not only known, but are legally obliged to be respected.

  1. Notary Public. Our clients often require proof of identity and/or witnesses to their important decisions and contractual obligations throughout their lives. Our team is used to this, and is able to carry out these commitments quickly, seamlessly and professionally, without additional hassle.

The end result of this step of the process:


A framework in place that gives you peace of mind because you know that your important final wishes will be granted.