A Simple Fee Structure

A 360° plan for your finances – One uncomplicated asset-based fee

(that is not like most other advisors’)

In sum, here’s how our fee structure stacks up:

The result?


Our clients can inquire our trusted professionals on any topic surrounding their finances without the fear of receiving an inflated invoice or bill for services

Some details about our fee structure:


We are compensated based on one simple tax-deductible eligible fee that is calculated based on the aggregate level of your account values.
This unique structure ensures that your goals are completely aligned with ours when managing your wealth. We therefore have an obsessively keen interest in seeing your wealth grow and be protected from devastating market crashes and personal tragedies.


That is why we are so adamant about preserving capital no matter what current market conditions exist.
To put it simply, when your wealth grows… our compensation grows… hand in hand with each other… a true win-win.

(* Fees are calculated on the aggregate account values within our client accounts and are distributed from Precedence Capital – Gravitas Securities Inc.  Referral fees are paid to Precedence Private Wealth from Precedence Capital & Gravitas Securities Inc. based on formal referral agreement signed by each client at the time of engagement.)