Cash Flow Analysis


Ensuring your money is allocated to the most important things in your life.

Find where the money is going

Understanding where your money goes is the first step in ensuring proper spending.

Challenge current money decisions

We’ll challenge how you are allocating your money so that you can take better advantage of it.

Switch bad habits for good ones

Commit to directing your money only to the things that provide significant joy and happiness.

Why is it important to know where your money is going?


Money is power.


Hang on… not in the way that you think.

It’s like a tank that holds pressure. If the tank is weak, it will break and release the pressure; but if it’s strong, it will hold a lot of pressure and release it only as necessary through its top valve.


So, this is why having the right attitude towards managing and controlling this power is key in your happiness (let alone in wealth creation).


We will seek to understand where your money is going today, and where it should go. Are you spending your money on things that will really make you happier in the long run? Or do you tend to have bursts of spending on material things, which only make you happier temporarily?


This part of the process is not about saving more money; it’s about reallocating your money in a way that maximizes wealth creation and lifestyle quality while reducing taxes. This reallocation of money will help ensure that your spending today will not come at the expense of the really important things in life, such as your children’s education, having the means to help others or the cash you will need in later years.


We’ve seen over and over that the most significant and beneficial changes in your life can start just with an introspective analysis of what is going on today.   

Bring the bad habits to light, and then switch them for good habits.