Business & Corporate Planning


If you own a business, it’s difficult to know exactly where the business financials end and your personal financials begin… so let’s take care of your business too.

Optimize your Corporate Structure

We can make recommendations about the setup of your partnership agreements so they are more beneficial for you and your partners.

Maximize cash and disposable income

We help you increase your cash while possibly reducing your tax liability. We’ll turn every stone possible.

Succession planning

Take control now by planning for the future of your business. Ensure it’s protected even in the event of unexpected illness or death.

More about Business & Corporate Planning


As a business owner, you are really good at running your business. But while this takes up most of your time, the details of the financial aspects of your operation could be left unattended.

If you are in this boat, we can add this component to our already thorough process, by acting as your personal “CFO” while you continue running your biz and delivering the best to your customers.

Here are some of the things we may look at:

  • Corporate structure: Check out how your partnership agreements are set up and uncover what’s most important to you as an owner, and for key members of your staff.

  • Cash: We help draw a clear picture that maximizes cash flow from operations, enhances disposable income for the partners/owners, and ensures the least amount of tax payable on your hard-earned income.

  • Succession Planning: For more established businesses, the discussions may involve the aspects of succession planning. This includes strategies for obtaining disposable income from corporations on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis.

  • Tax-deferred income: We enhance tax-deferred income by utilizing various tax-maximization strategies to unlock otherwise “trapped” assets from corporations and holding companies with very little—or sometimes even zero—tax payable.

We also frequently host different coaching sessions on various topics, such as: marketing & branding, sales (traditional and online), communications, leadership, as well as bookkeeping & accounting.

You focus on your business.

We’ll focus on helping you

get more from your business.