Don’t be part of the problem…be part of the Solution

What I mean by that is this:

                              It is one thing to simply not know.

                                                       But it is another to simply not care.

You can decide to continue to smoke long after learning just how dangerous it is to your health. This is not a knowledge gap….It’s a CARE gap.

The same goes for the financial industry. You can blame the banks, Bay Street, Wall Street, the governments, and on and on and on about how your finances might be in a less than desirable state…High Fees, complexity, blah, blah, blah…

What actions have you taken to educate and protect yourself? Most often Zero.

I had the immense privilege to meet and spend some significant time with Robin Sharma in 2015. He said something that stuck with me to this day during one of our coaching sessions:

“Don’t tell me how important something is to you….Show me Todd.” He then stated that, “If it is so important to you, then should it not be in your schedule?”


Our clients and those that follow us closely understand just how different and deliberate our approach is.


….And although it has been well documented just how expensive mutual fund and proprietary portfolio management fees are, we continue to show up as Canadians with bags of money just eager to hand it over to them.


….We eventually in our lives soon come to realize that income tax is by far the highest expense in our lives and yet it garnishes quite often the least amount of attention.

And yet we have yet to hear of ANYONE…over the past 36 months that actually has a written tax plan prepared for them from their respective “tax professional”.

So we continue show up every year with our fingers crossed simply hoping for the best at tax time with very little proactive planning if any. Better yet….no idea what it will actually cost until the end.



Do we have that low of expectations for ourselves?

Do we simply make too much money?

I hardly think so. I believe it boils down to two things.






But fear from what….You don’t know how to drive when you are born and yet we all mysteriously take that leap don’t we? One may speak multiple languages, but this skill was never something that was gifted to them.   IT IS ALL LEARNED. By reading, listening, consulting, and by experience itself.

So if you want to have lower investment fees relative to the marketplace and you would like to save more on about put a little bit of focus on it. You must first educate yourself but most importantly….



Mutual fund companies, banks, etc. will gladly continue to charge higher fees if we do not begin to push back and stand up against the machine.

Accountants will happily just continue to consider “accounting” to be tax planning long into the future.

Banks will continue to charge higher interest rates on mortgages until the the end of time.

Unless….We simply do not let them.

Now I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be a cost of doing business. But this is more of a Cost vs Value consideration more than it is just about cost.

And I am also not saying that you should fire all of your financial and legal professionals and go at it alone.   That simply is not even reasonable. But you can better educate yourself and at the very least be able to ask the difficult and necessary questions that ensure you are receiving adequate value.


Simply buying a mutual fund or “managed basket” is not financial planning….

Just as merely filing your income tax is not proper tax planning…


So together, hopefully we can begin pushing back.

No whining, complaining, contemplating or pondering….Just action. After all, that is the only thing that will really move the needle.

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